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Root Cause Analysis
A slideshow tutorial...
1. Define the problem
Definition page
Investigating team
Direct impact
Long term impact
Potential impact
Urgency assesment
2. Make notes from interviews and/or investigation
Notes tab
List of notes
Title of note
Date of note
Note text
Add note
Create Cause Tree
3. Create a Cause Tree
Cause tree tab
Top event already present
Click "Why?" to add a cause
Create Cause Tree
New cause
Edit text
Edit type (action, barrier, condition)
Click "and" to add a cause
Create Cause Tree
Another cause
Continue adding causes
Edit Cause Tree
4. Edit the Cause Tree
Cause tree tab
Top event
Direct cause
Edit Cause Tree
Click cause to edit
Cause text
Cause type (Action, Barrier, Condition)
Cause status (Fact, likely, hypothesis)
Why is it a fact?
Edit Cause Tree
Root cause
Make it a root cause
Optional classification
Delete cause
Go to reference
Insert cause above
Move cause or sub tree
Cancel selection
Edit Cause Tree
Selection cancelled
Root Causes
5. Add measures to the Root Causes
Root Cause tab
Plan measures and
assurance policy
Root Causes
Double click to edit
Export Image
A. Export cause tree as image (jpg)
Select cause tree tab
Export Image
Select FILE-menu
Export Image
Select "Export tree as image"
Export Image
Default name is top event
Activate Raadix
B. How to activate Raadix?
Activate Raadix
Click activate in the Help-menu
Activate Raadix
Your name
Activation code
Activated if correct
C. Select your language: Deutsch, English, Espanol, Fran├žais, Nederlands, Polski
Select VIEW-menu
Select language
All titles in selected language