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What is the return on investment of an incident?

Quality problems, complaints and (safety)incidents are unpleasant surprises. People may be harmed. It costs extra time and money to correct the situation. It may even cause damage to the company reputation. Generally everyone involved likes to forget what happened and continue as before.

Understandable, but also a missed opportunity to learn and improve. Take the opportunity to learn from problems and incidents. It is the only guarantee it won't happen again. The information that is hidden in a complaint, quality problem or incident can be applied to save money and improve safety and quality. Systematic analysis of problems is a very effective way to implement a continuous improvement process.

Why a problem detective?

What seem the obvious causes of an incident are mostly symptoms. Correcting the symptons and neglecting undelying root causes, will create new problems in the future.

A problem detective knows how to work back from unwanted actions or situations to decisions, working methods, training and company culture. These are the root causes that need to be adressed.

Root Cause Analysis is one of the tools of a problem detective. The method is systematic and objective. It is not muddled by personal emotions like guilt and pride. The method makes the root causes visible and the analysis persuasive.

A persuasive analysis makes thinking about solutions more effective. The best solutions help people and do not create a constraining organisation.

How can we help you?

Hadrion can help you analyse (quality) problems or (safety) incidents. But better still, we can train your own problem detectives. Contact us for more information...